What Think Ye of Christ


Matthew 22:42


Negatively Considered:


1.  To Herod Jesus and to the Jews Jesus was a threat- Matthew 2:1-2


-To Herod Jesus was a threat to his position or his son's position; to his rule over Israel.

-To the Jews Jesus was a threat to their security and peace under Roman rule- "don't rock the boat!" was the Jews attitude toward Jesus.


2.  To the Pharisees Jesus was a  Blasphemer John 10:33; and a deceiver- Matthew 27:63. They thought He had a devil and was mad- John 10:20 


3.  To some of the Jews Jesus was merely the Son of Joseph and Mary- Matthew 13:55-56; Luke 4:22; John 6:42, 7:27


4.  Some thought Jesus was a good man- John 7:12


5.  To the rich young ruler He was the Good Master- Matthew 19:16


6.  To some Jesus was the Prophet-  Matthew 16:13-14


7.  To Pilate He was a just man, Matthew 27:19;  Innocent of any crime- no cause of death was found in Him Luke 23:22


Positively considered:


1.  To Peter and the other disciples, He was the Christ, the Son of God the living God- Matthew 16:15-16


2.  To Simeon He was God's salvation- Luke 2:25-33


3.  To Anna He was the Redeemer of Israel-Luke 2:36-38


4.  To the woman with an issue of blood Jesus was the Great Physician-Luke 8:43


5.  To the man born blind, to whom Jesus gave site, Jesus was Lord- John 9:35-38


6.  To Lazarus Jesus was the resurrection- John 11:43-44, 12:2


7.  To Mary, Sister of Martha and Lazarus, Jesus was precious-John 12:2-5




Who is Jesus to you this morning?


Is He a threat to your life and position in this world? 


Would trusting in the Lord cost you more of this world than you are willing to pay?


Do you see Jesus as a deceiver, or a mad man, or One possessed with an evil spirit?


Do you view Christ and His kingdom and His church as a problem to society?


Is He just the Son of Joseph and Mary?


Is He just a good man, a just and innocent man; perhaps a good teacher or a prophet?




Like peter, do you see Jesus as the Christ, the Son of the living God?


Like Simeon and Anna do you see Jesus as your Salvation and your Redeemer?

Like the woman with the issue of blood, is He your great physician?


Like the man born blind, do you recognize Him as your Lord?


Like Lazarus, do you see Him as the Resurrection?


Or, like Mary do you see Him as precious?


(Sermon preached by Pastor Burke at the Faith Baptist Church of Lawtey, Florida)