Kissing the Feet of Jesus

(Luke 7:36-50)



One of the most humiliating acts that a person can do to another person is to kiss their feet.  It requires one to bow down in a prostrate position; and to kiss one of the dirtiest parts of the human body.  Symbolically and socially this is one of the most humble acts that a lowly servant might be required to perform upon their master.  Because of human pride, no natural person would voluntarily perform such an act upon another, without first seeing themselves as a popper and as a slave before their master, to whom they owe their very existence.


In contrast to what we just said, we should understand that one of the greatest honors that a person could have bestowed upon them in this life, was to have been so privileged as to be able to kiss the feet of Jesus.  Very few people recognized this honor and privilege, and were so privileged to take advantage of it.  How many of us might be compelled to envy this woman?  Our inward response to this question is a good measure of our spirituality, beloved! 


This morning we want to answer the question:  Just what did kissing the feet of Jesus reveal about this woman? 


1.  First, kissing the feet of Jesus showed this woman’s humiliation.


-This woman was a well known sinner (vs. 37-39)

-She was probably a prostitute (as suggested here by the word sinner)

-Beloved, this woman knew and owned her sin, and took her rightful place as a sinner.

-Praise the Lord for work of the Holy Spirit in humbling lost sinners!!!

-How do you see yourself this morning???

-Before a person ever has hope of being saved, they must see themselves as wicked, vile, undone sinners before the Holy God of Heaven.

-Before a person will ever be lifted up out of the miry pit of sin, they must realize their condition, and humble themselves before the feet of the Savior.

-Have you seen and owned your sin this morning?  Have you humbly taken your rightful place as a sinner, as it were, at the feet of Jesus?


2.  Secondly, kissing the feet of Jesus showed this woman’s subordination.


-This woman recognized Jesus as her Lord and her God!

-Beloved, a person will never be saved until they understand and acknowledge that Jesus is their Lord; that He is the very Son of God sent down from the Father in Heaven.  This modern notion that men can accept Jesus as Savior, and later accept Him as Lord, is a lie of the Devil.  If Jesus is not your Lord, be sure He is not your Saviour either!  Beloved we don’t make Jesus Lord, He is LORD!  And we must know Him as our Lord before we’ll ever receive Him as our Savior.

-This woman recognized that Jesus Christ the LORD, had power and authority from Heaven to forgive her sins.  My friends, only the God can forgive sins…

-This woman took her rightful place as a saved sinner slave before her Heavenly Master, the LORD JESUS CHRIST!!!  She bowed her knees to Jesus, to whom she owed all of her eternal salvation as a sinner saved by the grace power and grace of God.

-Do you know Jesus as LORD; do you believe that He is the Son of God?

-Do you believe that Jesus has power to forgive your sins?

-Have you taken your rightful place as a servant before your LORD and Savior in submission to His revealed will?


3.  Thirdly, kissing the feet of Jesus showed this woman’s love and adoration for her Lord and Savior.


-This was an evident token of this woman’s deep love for her Savior. (vs. 47)

-Beloved, how much sin we were forgiven by the Savior, is evidenced by how much we love Him!

-And how much we love the Savior is evidenced by how much we manifest that love for Him.

-And how much we manifest our love for the Saviour is evidenced by how much we worship Him in humble submission to His will.

-Truly the act of this woman kissing her Savior’s feet was the most sincere form of worship and adoration that one could show for their Lord.

-How much and in what ways, beloved, do we show our love and adoration for Jesus???

-Are we faithful in worshipping Jesus publicly according to His prescribed way in His house of worship, which today is His Church? (Eph. 3:21)

-Do we sing aloud our praises to Jesus, from a heart of love for our Savior?

-Do we listen attentively to the preached Word, and rejoice in the truths of God?

-Do we worship Him in our daily lives; in prayer and praise; and in meditation upon His Holy Word as we go through our days?

-How much do we love Jesus this morning?

-Beloved, if the love of Christ does not constrain us to worship our Lord and Savior, then nothing else that I know of will!!!


4.  Fourthly, kissing the feet of Jesus was this woman’s way of confessing Jesus.


-She was not afraid to confess Jesus publicly before men.

-She wasn’t afraid to own her Savior, even in the presence of His enemies.

-She chose rather to suffer affliction with the people of God, than to enjoy the pleasures of sin for a season.

-She esteemed the reproach of Christ greater riches than the treasures of this world.

-How do we confess Jesus?

-Have we confessed Him publicly before the Lord’s Church?

-Have we confessed Him in the waters of Baptism?

-Have we confessed Him in the world, by telling others of the One Who is mighty to forgive and to save sinners?

-How strong is our confession of Jesus?

-This woman was just a harlot sinner woman; despised by the world; a social outcast if ever there was one.  But which one of us has a confession like this woman?


In Conclusion:


Who is willing to kiss the feet of Jesus?


-Who will humble themselves at His feet, and take their rightful place as a sinner?

-Who will bow their knee to Jesus Christ their Lord; the Son of God from Heaven?

-Who will manifest their love for Jesus, because they are forgiven of all their sins?

-Who will confess Jesus before men, and follow Him in obedience to His commands?

-Not the proud and haughty, self-righteous sinner; who see no need for Jesus; who think they will go to Heaven because of their filthy rags.

-But only those who know and own their sinfulness and unworthiness.

-Only those who recognize Jesus as the One Who has power to forgive their sins.

-Only those who have faith to believe in Jesus as their Lord and Savior.

-How is it with you this morning?